Tips for healthy back/spine

Tips for healthy back/spine

1)      What are the more common complaints/symptoms on back problems that you encounter in patients that come to see you?
Lower back pain with numbness/pain radiating down to the leg(s) or local back pain without sciatic symptoms

2)      And what are the possible causes for these various complaints? How important is it for patients to get a proper diagnosis?
It caused by degenerative changes of the disc, lack of exercise and poor posture. It is very important for patients to get a proper diagnosis because different conditions have different treatments.

3)      What corrective measures, if any, can a patient take to prevent back problems (depending on diagnosis)?
There are 4 things to do which can prevent patient from back problems such as:
1.      Adapt a good posture while sitting (Sit in 90 degree position)
2.      Avoid carry heavy things (if possible). If one needs to carry heavy things, bend the knees instead of bending the back/spine.
3.      Doing some back muscle strengthening exercise.
4.      Try to lose some weight so that the pressure/load going down to the spine is reduced.

4)      For more serious or chronic conditions – what would be the recommended treatments or therapies available?
Depending on the severity of the problems, treatments usually start from physiotherapy with a course of anti-inflammatory medicines, Epidural injection the spine and lastly surgery of discectomy for very serious case.

5)      Are there any tips can give for better back health? (e.g simple exercise, posture tips, etc)
1. Don’t sit under the desk for more than half an hour. Try to do some stretching exercise to improve flexibility of the spine
2. Sit in 90 degrees position; try not to bend our spine as much as we can
3. Swimming and Yoga are good to strengthen the back muscle ad flexibility of our spine

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