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Factors that will increase in getting Foot Pain

Foot pain is a very common complaint. Around 70% of the Singapore population will suffer foot pain at some time in their lives. The foot is quite a complex structure of 26 bones and 33 joints, layered with an intertwining web of over 100 muscles, ligaments and nerves. With each step you take, a force of 2-3 times your body weight is placed on your feet and during a typical day you may take 7 or 8,000 steps! Therefore it comes as no surprise that at some time in our lives we will suffer from some kind of foot complaint. This website provide detailed information regarding the most common types of foot pain, how it occurs and what you can do to alleviate and prevent foot pain.

Factors that will increase the chances of getting foot pain:

– Age: as we get older, our feet widen and our arches flatten. Also, the fat padding on the sole and heel area wears thinner and the skin on our feet becomes dryer. Foot pain in older people could well be the first sign of arthritis, diabetes and circulatory disease.

– Gender: Women are at higher risk than men for foot pain, mostly because of high-heeled and tight they wrear or have been wearing in the past. Severe foot pain is quite common in older women.

– Occupational Risk Factors: people who are on their feet all day because of the work they do, will always run the risk of suffering some type of foot pain or discomfort, as well as aching legs and low back pain.

– Sports and Dancing: especially heel pain, shin splints, and knee pain can increase with sports, running or dancing.

– Weight gain: being overweight puts added stress on the feet which often leads to various types of foot pain

– Pregnancy: pregnant women have an increased risk of foot pain problems due to weight gain, swelling in their feet and ankles. Plus, the release of certain hormones may cause ligaments to relax, causing weakness in the feet and ankles

– Over-pronation: rolling inwards of the foot and flattening of the arches (over-pronation) is a major contributing factor to foot pain.

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