Waterproof cast singapore

Waterproof Cast for Kids

Waterproof Cast is great for kids and is now available in Singapore. We are the one stop service for fracture management inclusive of surgical fixation, splint, simple cast, customized waterproof cast. Xray can be done at the same time too. Call us 66532625 / Whatsapp us 92357641 for appointment today.

Waterproof cast are truly water safe. They are made from 100% ABS plastic.  And, not only is the material waterproof, but since these custom-made devices are constructed out of a high-tech, open, breathable, yet supportive, webbing, any moisture that gets against the skin, is easily and quickly evaporated. And, if the sweat brings along any of its pals, like mud, salt, or whatever, you can just take a shower like normal, and air dry.

You can now swim, bathe, shower, sweat and continue normal lifestyle activities with healing.

You dont get the skin breakdown that you do with traditional casts. Less risk of skin infection, you can view the incision as well as pin sites, where you  can’t monitor those in a traditional cast. So these are great for post-op patients.

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