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Bunions: Bunions are a hereditary enlargement of the big toe joint in the foot. They are often present in both feet but one can be larger or more painful than the other. Bunions don’t necessarily hurt; however, they typically become more prominent and painful with age. Bunions can often be associated with calluses and rubbing against shoes. High heels or pointed shoes do not cause bunions but they do exacerbate the condition. When bunions become severe and an arthritic condition develops, surgical intervention is recommended.

The medical terms for bunions are hallux valgus, hallux limitus or hallux rigidus. A medical exam is necessary to determine the severity, type of bunion and treatment options for a patient’s problem. There are different surgical procedures for bunions and each treatment is patient specific.

Ankle Pain: There are various diagnosis for ankle pain including stress fractures, tendonitis, synovitis, ankle sprains, etc. Sometimes pain in the ankle can be caused by a dysfunction of the foot.

Hammertoes: Hammertoes are contractures of the toes which often causes calluses or corns that become painful. This problem tends to worsen over time and causes pain in shoes.

Heel Pain: Heel pain can present in various forms, however the most common type is most painful in the morning and at the end of a work day. It is called plantar fasciitis in medical terminology and it involves inflammation of the ligament that attaches to the heel bone. Various non-surgical treatment methods are available although sometimes surgery is performed.

Metatarsalgia/Neuroma: Pain on the ball of the foot is referred to as metatarsalgia. This can be attributed to various causes and an evaluation is necessary to assess the pain. A neuroma is an inflamed and enlarged nerve in the ball of the foot which can also cause pain.

Flat Feet/High Arches: These conditions are also hereditary. The treatment for this condition is very patient-specific. Oftentimes a custom-made shoe insert called an orthotic will help alleviate the symptoms.

Skin and Nail Problems: Most foot and ankle skin and nail problems are easily treated with topical medications. These include warts, calluses, ingrown toenails, athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. The resolution of these problems depends on their severity.


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