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What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side, shaped like an “s” or “c”, and the spine may also be rotated.


How is Scoliosis diagnosed?

A rib “hump” or a prominent shoulder blade caused by rotation of the rib-cage in thoracic scoliosis can be detected on physical examination. It is more prominent when the patient is bent forward. A special X-ray film called a scoliosis film will confirm the diagnosis.

What are the causes of Scoliosis?

There is no definite cause but most are due to developmental problems.

How to prevent Scoliosis?

Regular exercise and a good diet. Scoliosis is more likely to occur to low body weight patients.

What are the treatment options available for Scoliosis?

Treatments include monitoring with regular medical check up to look for worsening of the curvature, bracing to help moderate cases and surgery may be necessary for the severe cases.

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