In Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic, we provide services such as:

Professional Orthopaedic Consultation

Our specialist Surgeons have more than 25 years experiences in treating orthopaedic problem ranging from common orthopaedic problems, sport injuries and degenerative joint. With his years of expertise, be assured that you will be receiving professional treatments that is best for your condition.

Patient Conditions

Our specialist surgeons treats almost all Orthopaedic’s problems and 80% of conditions can be treated conservatively without surgical intervention.

Radiologic Investigation

Most of Orthopaedic Conditions require radiologic investigation such as:

–  X-ray

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

– CT- Scan


Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD)

The different type of investigation varies depending on the condition you are suffering from. Dr Kevin Yip will advise on the proper radiologic investigation that is best suited for you in order to find out the cause of the injury/ illness.

Outpatient treatments:


We provide medication to our patients such as:

– Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID)

– Antibiotic

– Bone Strengthening Medicine

– Pain Relieve Medicines

– Muscle Relaxing Medicines

– Nerve Regenerating Medicines

– Joint Supplement

– Muscle Relaxing Supplement

– Rheumatoid Arthritis Medicines

It is advisable to have proper diagnosis before consume the above medications / supplements


Injection is a faster and more effective form of treatment. There are several types of effective injection which is used to treat orthopaedic conditions:

Epidural Injection

Hyaluronic Acid Injection

– Anti-inflammatory Injection

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Cast / Brace:

We provide and sell cast / brace in order to help our patients to immobilize in the event of ligament injury or fracture


Physiotherapy is one of the conservative treatments that is used in treating orthopaedic problems. This is commonly used for strengthening, pain relieve and to improve the flexibility

Shockwave Therapy (ESWT):

Shockwave Therapy is a new technique used for treating tendinitis such as Tennis Elbow, Heel Spur (Plantar Fasciitis), Shoulder Tendonitis and other soft tissue injury.

Inpatient Treatment (Surgery):

– Arthroscopic Surgery (Knee, Shoulder, and Elbow)

ACL Reconstruction

– Meniscus Repair

Carpal Tunnel Release

Ingrown Toe Nail Removal

– Laminectomy

Total Knee Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

Screw / Plate Fixation

– Tendon Repair


Manipulation under Anaesthesia (MUA)

Removal of Plantar Warts

– Removal of Lumps

– Incision and Drainage (For Infection / Abscess)

Insurance & Medical Report Services:

– Provide Medical Report for Insurance Company

– Provide Medical Report for Medical Board Review

– We accept almost all major insurance company’s Letter of Guarantee (AIA, Great Eastern, Cigna International, Prudential, Aviva, NTUC Income, Bupa International, Alliance, Aetna International, AXA Assistance, Inter-Global Assistance, Euro-Global Assistance, I-SOS etc)

– We provide assistance to contact the insurance company and retrieve the Letter of Guarantee

Why choose us?

1. Premier Care – You will be liaise with Senior Orthopaedic Specialist who understand your condition from very beginning stage
2. Speed of Activities – Most of the time, we are able to schedule Radiologic Investigation on the same day
3. One Stop service – All radiologic investigation, treatments and primary care consultation are done at the same place

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